This was a mixed media piece. A combination of tattoo and graphic design. The skull was illustrated and then vectorized. Roses and Tendrils were made in Adobe Illustrator. This was created to expand my vectoring and tattoo illustrative skills. (Title: Frozen Death)
This was a fun personal project. I explored the possibilities of creating a series of posters including an eyeball character. This was fully created in Adobe Illustrator. (Title: Timeless Sight) 
This poster is the "evolution" of the green eyeball character from above. I wanted to communicate a story with the character(s) and main eyeball in the background.  (Title: Evolving Eyes) 
This was my first attempt at designing an asymmetrical graphic poster in Adobe Illustrator. Both the top and the bottom reflect perfectly no matter which way the poster is flipped. This piece was created to test my design and artistic skills. (Title: See Into the Void) 
This illustration was created by Gabe Fajobi and me. This was a debut piece for an Art Gallery I directed titled "Bite the Hand That Feeds You". I illustrated the full design and Gabe worked on finer details. We both developed the unique textures. This project was intended to help expand my tattoo illustration skills. (Title: Unlucky Wisdom) 
I was assigned the task to create 3 original patterns. I enjoyed being able to explore the use of gradients and depth in these designs.
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