Short Film: The Dicycle

Welcome to a daily dose of your own Dicycle! 
Can you survive the Mandelbrot? 

*Dissociative Mindset Cycle*

Enjoy your own conspiracy within a conspiracy and see what unfolds the more you indulge with the media realm! That does not mean you stop watching me though ;)

Shot with: - Samsung Note 10+ - Mini AV Sony Camera

Bill Anderson as DAD
Brian Anderson as Barron (CULT MEMBER) really anti-cult but whatever...

Shout out to @soniachessanigtlowridergirl on Instagram for the amazing images of her championship winning baby girl as props for the content only able to be enjoyed on this platform.
Say Hello to "JJ Maurice Burns"!

A 10ft x 8ft x 6ft rendering of one of the cartoon characters found through the button below!

The main objective with this live monstrosity was to submerse the viewer's experience inside his body. I wanted to recreate the ominous and anxious feeling that is produced when engaged in the infinite scroll on social Media platforms. 

- 25% of 6 years of research          - Oak Wooden Beams (2ft x 4ft, 2ft x 5ft, 2ft x 6ft)         - 4 10ft x 12ft tarps      - Brown Construction Paper          - Elmers Glue              - Foam Pipes                  - 1, 1981 Goldstar Television Set    - 1 VCR Player           - 1 Orion Television Monitor          - 2 digital flame torches           - 2 Colored LED 65W lights  - 12 Custom Mannequin Head               - Popcorn Ceiling Texture                - Life of Barron: Cult TV PT. 1 Animation
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ATC Thesis for San Jose State University
Production Credits at End
Part 1 only, not completed documentary

I challenge you to wallow through the gray matter and venture into my brain. I welcome you to my version of “Frankenstein’s Laboratory of Convoluted Experiments.” The main topic of study being conducted is a deep dive into the human experience. More specifically, the loss of it. Each time I engage in a new experiment I remind myself to critique the cycle of controversy and destruction being brought upon ourselves rather than humanity in general. We as a species have fallen victim to the same rhetoric and tools developed to aid in our evolution. Those (globally) who have easy access to brand-name goods and services have been blinded by a life of excess. It has driven them to a serious codependency towards their material lifestyle leaving them imperceptive to the world around them. This oblivious infectious nature is now the common norm in 2022. It brings about more individualized trauma, both mental and physical, causing a further distrust for our neighbors let alone our leaders. It supports the use of non-organic stimuli as means of positive reinforcement, when in reality it's sucking the life out of the human experience.

So welcome to a world revolving around the understanding of how to be human again! A universe birthing the critique on what you do not need in order to be a person. Mass groups in the global population are losing touch with reality and rely on non-organic stimuli to show them how to live their lives. More simply, people would rather utilize the chaos from political movements, modern technology, and other inanimate catalysts to tell them how to be an individual and have a general impact on their own life or society. Life of Barron: Cult TV is a convoluted discussion comparing social media to cult theory (animated, interview-based documentary that includes a 10ft x 8ft x 6ft sculpture of a character with an interior that plays the documentary along with several old leather books with tea-stained pages presenting the chaos of the world). LOBCTV critiques the misuse of social media through the lens of the “Cult of the Individual'' (a theory derived from Emile Durkheim), wrapped in a phenomenological blanket to track human reaction. Individual acts resolve the human primal instinct to feel wanted by any means. Combine this with the toxic realm of dissociated depression and dopamine stemming from social media and what is left is a sea of half-zombified people relying on a screen and a neural network system to tell them how to be human. The ultimate goal of this project is to assist society in self-reflection through their own historical symbolism and psychology. Separating oneself from the catalyst that can subject them to mental hell allows them to see who they really are. Put down the phone and live your life!

Animated, Written, and Produced by: Brian Anderson Starring Barron, Gary, Mud, and Maurice: Brian Anderson Dr. Janja Lalich: Herself Music: Sanford and Sons theme song backwards Mase - Welcome Back Instrumental Elevator music from pixabay BYOB - System of a Down Sound Effects: Multiple filters and edits Multiple sites Gifs: Multiple filters and edits Multiple Sites
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