During My Graduate Program, I found a class that challenged my ideas on how to create Digital Art. Contained here is the extension of my experimentation with aN AI generator titled MidJourney. 
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Algorithmic Ribbioke was produced by Brian Anderson and Michael Rodriguez. They spent about 1.5 months producing the assets and navigating through 5 different forms of Design software. They wanted to utilize majorly, software that is readily available to any user looking to develop a fun filter and video project. 

I was the "Technical Manager" on this project, taking the assets created by Michael and converting them into our filter systems. I then produced the technical build of the marketing, filter systems, and the background Test videos Utilizing Adobe After Effects, Canva/Photoshop, Lens Studio, Snap Camera, and Zoom.
I WAS ASSIGNED to DESIGN A COMIC BOOK DRAFT BASED on AI ART GENERATED FROM Any SOFTWARE OF my CHOICE. I UTILIZED THE AI ART GENERATOR, MIDJOURNEY, and the research compiled from a personal project surrounding the comparison of cult theory, phenomenology, and social media. 
This is a small percentage of a large dataset created in MIDJOURNEY Developed from six years of research surrounding the comparison of cult theory, phenomenology, and social media. 
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